About Diversity On Board

Diversity On Board is a regional platform that curates highly accomplished Arab women in business, government, civil society, and the sciences, to help organizations identify and appoint them to executive and advisory board positions.

We believe that diversity is the right thing to do. Fortunately, we also know that doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive. More inclusive societies, governments and corporations are the underpinnings of prosperous nations, socio-economic stability, and human flourishing.

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Our Ambassadors

We are honored to have our Founding Ambassadors, each of whom represents a diversity of multi-sector talent, that is trailblazing untrodden professional and academic paths, and challenging traditional gender and societal norms in her respective field.

Rudayna Abdo
Rudayna AbdoFounder and President, Thaki
Lamees Al Baharna
Lamees Al BaharnaChief Risk Officer, Oman Arab Bank
Najla Al Midfa
Najla Al MidfaGeneral Manager, Sheraa – Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre
Leena Al Olaimy
Leena Al OlaimyCo-founder and Managing Director of 3BL Associates
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Board Openings

Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company B.S.C
Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company B.S.C Kingdom of Bahrain
Board of Directors Membership at Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company B.S.C
Fujairah Cement Industries
Fujairah Cement IndustriesUnited Arab Emirates
Membership of the Board of Directors at Fujairah Cement Industries
Asharqiyah Development Company
Asharqiyah Development CompanyKingdom of Saudi Arabia
Membership of the Board of Directors of Asharqiyah Development Company
Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait B.S.C
Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait B.S.CKingdom of Bahrain
Board of Directors membership at BBK B.S.C

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To search and apply for board opportunities, you must be a peer-endorsed member of Diversity On Board. As Diversity On Board grows, we will, in due course, dedicate the resources to screen potential board candidates in-house.

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