Diversity On Board Virtual Gift Bag

“How to Get a Board Position, & be able to Stay Put” Recording by S.H.E.Strategy.
“Are You Brilliant at What You Do – but Lose Out on Opportunity?” Recording by S.H.E.Strategy.
“Want to Land a Board Position? THIS is How” by S.H.E.Strategy.

Want to move the needle and build on the movementum of the Forum? Join S.H.E.Strategy for a LIVE roll out and gain the skills, tools, and knowledge – so you can Raise your profile. Sustain your success. Earn more. It’s time. Time to be Seen.Heard.Empowered – because you are EQUAL. These specially curated dates and live rollouts of S.H.E.Strategy mean you will have support, feedback, and coaching from Nima. It’s amazing what you can get through when you roll. your sleeves up and surround yourself with people cheering you on. Let’s do this! Time to get your #SHE on 😉

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with: Nima@Finding-Nima.com


When you join S.H.E. Strategy’s 3 Day Accelerator, or the 6 Week Incubator, Nima is offering a bonus one hour 1-on-1 session. This can be scheduled to take place either during the programme, or after it, to pinpoint your next steps and move you from knowing to doing.  It can be used to prep for an upcoming event, or as a planning, feedback, progress session. The choice is yours. 

Middle East Institute of Directors
MEIoD Insights June 2020.

If you are ready to advance your career by getting into the boardroom, you should attend our Corporate Directors Certified Program. As part of this conference, we would like to offer you a 15% discount. Email maali@MEIoD.org to register for the upcoming course starting September 1 with the discount. 

Yoga With Amal
“Chair Yoga Work Break with Amal J” Recording by Yoga With Amal. 

Enjoy a discount of 50% off 1:1 online private yoga classes, valid till 31 Aug. Present promo code DiversityAdvocate 

Recipes For Wellbeing
“15-Minute Colour Breathing Meditation” Recording by Recipes For Wellbeing.
“Take in the Goodness” Exercise by Recipes For Wellbeing:
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