Nomination Criteria

Nominees must be Arab or North African women, based in any country, and have at least one of the following attributes: 

  • C-Level experience at a large company with more than USD 10 million in revenues. 
  • Founder of a company with more than USD 3 million in revenues. 
  • Senior official at a government, multilateral or other large non-corporate institution. 
  • Thought leader, influencer or pioneer in her respective field. Examples: recipient of prestigious industry awards and fellowships, has published works or research in recognized industry publications, sought-after speaker who is regionally or internationally recognized as an expert in her field of work.
  • Expertise in critical areas related to our changing world e.g. Cyber Security, Big Data, Sustainable Development. 
  • Currently serve / previously served on a corporate, government, advisory or other Board. 

You can nominate as many outstanding women that meet the criteria, by filling out this Nomination Form. Self-nominations are also accepted. The Diversity On Board team will be reviewing the profiles to ensure they meet the criteria, before initiating the on-boarding process of nominees into the network. 

We believe that diversity is the right thing to do. Fortunately, we also know that doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive. More inclusive societies, governments and corporations are the underpinnings of prosperous nations, socio-economic stability, and human flourishing.

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